Toyota cars are at the heart of our daily errands- both industrial and domestic. This is why Toyota Genuine Parts ensure quality and promise the long-lasting performance of your car.

When making the smallest vehicle repairs, it can be tempting to use cheaper spare parts to save money. But in the long term these decisions can turn out to be expensive. Minor repairs, can all of a sudden lead to major repairs due to cheaper parts failing and causing extra, preventable damage. Not using genuine spare parts can also reduce the resale value of commercial vehicles.

Cheaper spare parts can fail since they may not match the exact specifications of the vehicle, and may be made with low quality material. Genuine Toyota spare parts are developed and tested first, to ensure the highest quality and specifications.

Genuine Toyota parts are:

  • Designed specifically for your vehicle
  • Subject to Toyota’s thorough standards in terms of quality and reliability
  • Accompanied by Toyota’s full warranty (minimum 1 year)
  • Only fitted by specially trained technicians.

For safety and great performance, always choose genuine parts.

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